Ersilia. The emerging city

The city of Ersilia is an invisible city that grows in lightness. Her stories and myths are told by the voices of some artists recorded in a podcast for MACTE Digital. Ersilia was conceived by Italo Calvino as a city made up of multiple places, connected to each other by threads that show the network of relationships of an impermanent community. Her cartography is mobile and malleable, and it changes according to the stories of those who cross it.

The community of Ersilia is made up of young artists who live in the city, they know every nook and cranny, and narrate it by making it visible to those who indulge in listening, becoming its inhabitants in turn. In this collective space of experimentation, relationships are built and re-established. It becomes a transition territory in which to re-imagine institutions and re-create communities through the care of practices, attention and imagination. Collective visions of possible realities show a new, hospitable and supportive geography that is being formed from episode to episode, without geographical, disciplinary, linguistic or logical boundaries. A map allows the listener to find his or her own path among the voices of the artists who are the protagonists of the podcast and talk about a place of Ersilia, a figment of their imagination, in dialogue with the curators.

Ersilia's guides are Pietro Ballero, Anouk Chambaz, Allison Grimaldi Donahue, Perla Sardella and VacuaMoenia.

Concept and curators: Alice Labor, Ginevra Ludovici

Participating artists: Pietro Ballero, Anouk Chambaz, Allison Grimaldi Donahue, Perla Sardella, VacuaMoenia

Audio post production: BNC Music

Main theme: sp_overdub

Re-recording mixer: Livio Paulet

Intro voice: Cinzia D’Emidio

Produced by MACTE Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Termoli

Design: Sezione Grafica

Code: Dude